Dilek Responds to Iffy Signals Legend Video


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Feb 24, 2016
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I dunno on this one... If she is saying Iron Bias can be a bad thing - I wouldn't argue that point entirely but if your multi-freq machine isn't going to have iron bias then it has to be able to find ferrous targets from non-ferrous targets in close proximity with either it's ability to unmask or its recovery speed. Her argument that the Equinox would not have passed the test if it was not for Iron bias is suspect. I mean if its not a seperation issue then what is it? a coil problem, or an unmasking issue? I don't have an Equinox to test anymore so I would like to see someone prove otherwise, but I'm betting it would have no problem. What I know for sure is that the V3i, & XP Deus will pass this test because I have done it. - Now since Iffy Signals posted this test he did a follow up Monty Nail board test and I thought the Legend performed as expected quite well with that larger DD coil. I did this iron above a target test 3 years ago with the V3i and made a video and shortly after picked up the XP ORX and it is faster yet and as I believe you told me much lighter. Hopefully they release an update with Iron Bias or some iron audio setting to address the target seperation. I stil have 3 other machines so I may try them out this week and see how they perform with this test. Not that these test are an exact science of what we experience in the field but they are a fairly good baseline indicator of what you can expect to see.


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Dec 3, 2017
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I'm not sure if Dilek understands iron bias or if there is a translation problem. She said in the video that the Legend has "fixed" iron filters. I'm guessing Park 1 has a higher discrim setting built in since Park 2 was trying to hit the coins. This is bad from my point of view. Iffy had it accepting everything (no discrim) according to the menu, but it still has an active iron filter? That is worse than an iron bias set too high because it can at least be turned down. If they add iron bias on top of an internal fixed iron filter, that is going to be a disaster. The nail board tests are fun, but kind of useless. Elevated iron tests, or any test where iron is on a different plane is the better test for separation. The Legend seems to have had a rough start in life. Hopefully they get this straightened out.

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