🔎 UNIDENTIFIED E Goodalls Manchester Buffet/Sideboard Need help knowing more


Feb 21, 2022
I picked up this piece for a friend and don't know anything about it other than the plaque inside says GOODALLS FURNISHERS & DECORATORS MANCHESTER. I was stunned by it's beauty. I did read that Edward Goodall was a cabinet maker etc from 1850 -1954. The two mirrors are beveled and the middle one is a convex mirror, the hardware is stunning too. Can someone tell me the style, the approximate year you think it was made, anything about the hardware and mirrors and I'm assuming this piece is valuable as I did a search and found 2 other Goodall small pieces that were valued over $7,000, and this piece is much larger and looks older than the ones I googled, but if anybody might be able to guess approximate value that would be neat. I'm dying to find out more about it to share with my friend who bought it for a very very reasonable price.


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