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Jun 19, 2012
Henderson, NV
Detector(s) used
Garrett ADS III, IV, V, AT-4, Scorpion, ACE 250 and AT-Pro. Tesoro Bandito II U-max, Lobo ST, and Cortes. Fisher 1266, F2, F75, and Gold Bug Pro. Whites Coinmaster, GMT, MXT and Prizm 4. (and a f
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Selling my lightly-used NOX 800. In excellent condition, with no issues or blemishes. The only issue I ever had was that the wireless headphones died and Minelab sent me a new pair.
Included in this sale is everything that came in the box, except the WM 08 Wireless Module. Included are: The Equinox 800 detector; ML 80 Wireless headphones; Standard 11" DD coil; Environmental cover for control box; All required connection and charging cables; and the original box. Also included are the Equinox 600/800 Manual that I printed off from my computer, Andy Sabisch’s Equinox Series Handbook, Clive Clynick’s Equinox Series “From Beginner to Advanced” book, and a lightweight carrying bag.
This detector has been very well maintained and has never been in the water. It has no remaining warranty (I purchased it in March, 2018.)
I am asking $490, which includes shipping to the lower 48.


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