Found, confirmed large Japanese bunker, new to forum.


Nov 5, 2014
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Metal Detecting
Reality of living Retired in the rich Philippine Treasure fields with local inside family connections is Knowing the exact location, (scanned) and hands on, of large gold bunkers holding thousands of Tons of Jap WWii gold but not having the minimum equipment to discretely work the property due to pension income restrictions and setting up a cover business for being there.

Best way to deal with water traps is to leave the water, operate in land subterranean dive site. If anyone is interested in bringing Generator, diamond core drill, Scuba gear, compressor, color imaging deep seeking metal locator to pinpoint 1000 pound bombs, poison traps, I have buyer standing by. Serious capable individual ?

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An interesting fact... only 181,881 metric tons of gold have been mined in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY. All The World's Gold Facts

Way cool that you have found over 1% of it in a bunker! Though I'm confused you're posting requests for investment on a public forum, in order "to discretely work the property." To each their own. Good luck!

SUPER excited for you! Will you please post some of the pictures? I'd love to see today's finds, as you noted it was in fact, "Hands on," I'm assuming you simply couldn't lift "Thousands of tons."

This is definitely a banner find... but we need pictures!


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I notice this is your very first post - so, Welcome Aboard! Take a look at Sub-Forums: Philippines for information directly related to your country.

Being of Japanese descent I wish you had worded parts of your post a little more diplomatically. The use of the word "Jap" is just a little offensive.

Next we will,hear from Nigeria I guess!

I have what you need but I am only interested in kraut gold sorry. Being of German descent and all

I agree; today, the word is derogatory. After Pearl Harbor, anti-Japanese sentiment led to a negative connotation towards the word.
So much so that even at least one US company changed it's name.

For those familiar with Jays Potato Chips, one of the founders of that company was Leonard Japp; and his potato chips were marketed under the name Mrs. Japps Potato Chips. The chips were consequently re-branded to “Jays Potato Chips” to avoid the sound-alike name, and the company became Jays Foods, Inc.
Just some history I find interesting.

I wasn't offended.....

now if he went "nip"... THAT would have set me off

A couple thoughts. I'm not going to even touch the precious metal discussion part of this thread but rather the supposed "limitations" of pension income restrictions and the concept of setting up a cover business.

First, for westerners, one of the cheapest geographical areas to retire (with lots of economic/tax/pension perks) is Thailand and the Philippines. If you can demonstrate a certain minimum pension income distribution/direct deposit on a monthly basis (as well as deposit roughly 10k USD into an opened Philippine bank account) you can enjoy exponentially extended visa status (should you not wish to gain full citizenship which the Philippines has a relative low threshold for getting vs...most of the world). You can also apply for citizenship after being in the country for roughly six straight months. Now, it sounds as if you were mentioning the native Filipinos were not wanting to work the property where this supposed find is (assuming they also know about it too) because of pension income restrictions as I assume if they were found in the process or possession of certain dug up precious assets, the Philippine government would take a wet bite or seize all of it and probably shut of their pensions or something...? I'm guessing that's the road you are going down but that really does not make much sense as the Philippines is a democratic system, they also have civil asset forfeiture/ill gotten gains laws that specify what's legit to take and what is not...but I digress.

The second point you mentioned revolves around setting up some shell entity for which to funnel the profits of said find. The Philippines does not have a traditional LLC, LP entity structure like the US does, they more or less group everything under "corporation". However, the flexibility of foreign ownership, either 100% or something less is very easy to accomplish there. Corporate tax rate on foreign and domestic business in the Philippines is 30% based on net taxable income and from sources derived in the Philippines. Certain exclusions to this income tax but not really relevant to the issue at hand. Income tax on individual income is progressive from 5% to 32% based on taxable income.

There really is not an argument here precluding why someone would not set up a legit business for purposes of basically treasure hunting nor does the pension income limitation really make sense either. Earlier I mentioned the Philippine government and treasure hunting taxation and indeed such a discussion on this very topic happened on TNET a couple years ago (read about that here: ) and its true, if you make public your findings to the government, they do indeed take a large, majority percentage depending on where it was found and the classification the government gives to the type of find. That seemingly is the better reasoning for leaving the profit in the ground if you were going to go about this on the up and up but if there really was that kind of verifiable, accessible wealth within your grasp, id much rather legally have at least a double digit percentage of that than the zero that you currently have.

Just some thoughts...welcome to tnet.

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