Great hunt with Jimmy D.!! John McCain’s Mother’s home built in 1876!!

Digger RJ

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Aug 24, 2017
SW Missouri/Oklahoma
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Minelab CTX 3030; Minelab Equinox 800;
XP Deus 2
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All Treasure Hunting
We got out after Church and got to go for a hunt and headed to a town 30 minutes away. We got permission at the first house with not a very big yard and I scored 1 Buffalo and a skeleton key. Jimmy got a Sterling Med Bracelet and a couple Wheats.
The next yard was a super old home right next to it and on the corner. When I asked the lady was like sure go ahead. Man, I Love those words! We took off hunting splitting the front yard in half. After about 4 passes I hit a cool token and a Merc, and he found a Silver Necklace with a religious pendant. A couple boys showed up and somehow got Us to show them how to do it. I thought they were the boys of the people at this house. So thankful they got bored and took off. Back to focusing and hunting the rest of Our sides.
The owner and her Daughter came out and they were telling Us that their home is the late home of John McCain’s Mother and that she showed up before her passing in a limo to see the house she grew up in. Man, it’s a small World!!! So Cool!! We finished Our sides and I got 3 Indians. Jimmy got a bunch of Wheats and an old Boy Scout token and swastika pendant.
We decided to swap sides to make sure We got everything due to the distraction with the boys bugging Us. I ended up finding 3 Wheats on his side and one Buffalo in the area where he was
disturbed .
He hunted the same spot on My side and found 2 Indians and a Buffalo.
It’s not every day We land a spot like this!!! Great Hunt!!! Just wished it was like this every time. Silver #23fty
He was using His Equinox 800 and I was using the Deus2. Thanks for looking and
Happy Hunting!!!!!!

The pic with the White background is Jimmy’s finds, and the others are what I got.


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