I just bought a United States Marine Corps sword at the Goodwill!!!


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Sep 27, 2020
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My father's was won on a poker game pre viet nam. It was ivory. The other one was bakelite if I remember correctly. He was a mustanger & had great stories. I had a lot of fun being a pfc driving his car onboard base. The MPs tripped out, and when I went back to MCRD, THE prives would salute & I'd return it with a one finger. The looks I got were priceless!

I'd say break out the Duraglit and give it a light buff. Straight peroxide from a beauty supply will whiten up the handle. A little on a cotton ball or gause pad works great.

Nice catch!
You,re a bad man boogeyman!:icon_thumleft: In the good sense of the word.:laughing7:

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