Massachusetts Artillery button


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Jun 23, 2013
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DEUS,root slayer
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I love September! I went out yesterday,cooler temps👍,Clear skies👍👍,no bugs👍👍👍 I used the reaper program for my deus and wanted to see how it compares. I'm a believer! Started off a little slow but I was hitting stuff I know missed last year.5 buttons,a hem weight and a small buckle. On one button I saw a cannon before cleaning it so I thought it was another war of 1812 button. It was but it's a Massachusetts Artillery button! There was only 2714 artillery so it's kind of a rare button. I'm over the moon on this one!!! It was a horrible sounding target too. They had put a square nail through the shank. I'm not sure why,maybe to display? Each year ,for the last 7 years, I've found something great in September,my streak is safe! PXL_20210908_120339272.jpg PXL_20210908_120434316.jpg PXL_20210908_120406144.jpg
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