Not a well planned day.....But scored silver anyway!


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Sep 25, 2004
Aiken, SC
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Hey gang......haven't had anything to post recently. Been a real dry spell.

I couldn't decide where I wanted to go today.....gas was little low, so I decided to stay fairly close to home. I hit a couple a regular stops and didn't get very much. After getting frustrated....I decided to hit one of my favorite schools. I usually score a couple of bucks in clad with a surprise dollar coin occasionally. I wasn't finding too much to start with.....and I was thinking to myself that I haven't ever found any jewelry at this school and I was well overdue! Then underneath the monkey bars, I got a iffy signal and could see a little shiny piece under the sand. It didn't take much to unearth the little silver flip flop earring. It has some stones in it, but they are probably CZ's. I kinda smiled to myself and thought, Now, wouldn't it be nice of this child to lose the other one so that I could have a pair? Six inches later, there was the second! I was tickled! :tongue3: They look gold in the pic and I have cleaned them, but they are clearly marked as you can see.
The religious medal came from a park I hit occasionally. I call it the Hispanic park....I have been hoping to score some gold from there, and I'm not sure I did today. It's not marked, but it sure is pretty. It will go in my collection.

It wasn't a great day, but not a bad one either. Silver any day is wonderful! Hope you all found something cool today as well.

Happy Hunting!


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