old photographs, tintypes, cabinet cards etc


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Oct 6, 2006
Texas and Oklahoma
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Garrett AT gold, Fisher CZ5 quicksilver, Garrett pinpointer
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Metal Detecting
a few old photos:
one (cabinet card) that I call immigrants, looks to be somewhere on the western plains, perhaps Kansas or Oklahoma:

another one is a cabinet card of a street scene in Belton, Texas, I sold this one for about $500 a few yrs ago:

another one is a Tintype of a group of young men, perhaps a business group, or "Lodge" of some type:

a tintype photo of two Texas cowboys in a rough photo studio, note the wide floorboards, the hats, etc, I estimate 1880, sold this one for around $125: (and think it was worth more)

another Tintype of two more Texas cowboys, still have this one and won't sell it note the outfits of the cowboys: (cowboy on left has a QUIRT hanging from his wrist)


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Jan 10, 2013
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seeing eye shovel
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Hello varmit,

I really like each of those. Thanks for showing us.

I'm getting an Eastern European vibe from the "immigrants"...


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