Proline HP400 Pump seal? Part Number Equivalent?


Jul 17, 2013
Evergreen State
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Photo is of my HP400 Impeller including the Pump shaft seal's. My question is... Does anyone know what the U.S. Seal MFG. equivalent to this Proline HP400 seal is? Does anyone know the real part# for it? It's not "PS2" as stated on the proline site, that's not the part number. It's not a PS-1000 it's to small. Can anyone help? Someone has to have a backup hp400 water pump seal laying around they can check for me? Any prepared dredger would know this & have a backup already, is so what brand of seal is it & what's the model number for that seal? My season starts in a week & I need some extra seals.


Proline website provides all you seek. Or just go to Graingers,King Bearings and many pump houses sell the same seals-John

u.s.seal PS-601 is what i was looking for. 30.00 cheaper than every single mining shop out there, 30.00 mark up is outrageous.

Yep, PS-601 it is. I just checked the box mine came in. Sorry I didn't notice this post sooner to help you out.

Semi-related question: Does anyone know where I can get the compressed paper/fiber gasket that goes between the two pump halves when you bolt them together (for the HP400)?


Beav no problem on the reply. Most proline dealers sell them for a few bucks. turn around time is not that great though from any of them. as for the gaskets I make my own with fel-pro gasket sheets. No issues yet. Plus i made it cover more area than the stock on does.

Nylon impregnated strandes in rubber at OSH,capitol rubber and many other places also works,just trace and cut BUT the thickness MUST match exactly or your impeller will rub or be way too far from the housing to work properly and you will lose pressure as it cavitates and goes around and around as the water seeks the least resistance. wow now that's a run on sentence fer sure...John

Thanks Jubud and Hoser!
Hoser- yep the gasket thickness sets the distance from the impeller to the housing. Good tip for people who don't know that...fortunately I did.
Rock on!

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