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Jan 18, 2017
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Does anyone know how many Legends were shipped out in the initial shipment to dealers in the US a couple each 10 each or is this info still unknown
Since I am not seeing many post about people receiving their Legend yet I am assuming the initial shipment was not many, which is kind of disconcerting to me, and yes believe me I know what assumption does for someone, if the US and Canada was the first countries to have the Legend shipped to its kind of puzzling why there are not more post being put up giving peoples thoughts on it, I have seen a few in the UK and a couple other countries but I am starting to think things are being held up in customs in the US and Canada which to me is crazy it should not take this long once they have been sent out by the manufacturer

Appreciate others thoughts



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Feb 24, 2016
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I imagine we will never know such numbers as I am sure private companies prefer not to share this type of information. If I were guessing though I would be surprised if its more than 300 total in the initial wave.

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