Scraping a dump truck


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Oct 9, 2006
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Posting for a friend: He has a 1970's gmc dump truck he is trying to get out of his yard. All the scrap yads around say he needs to cut it up to get scrap value. Here is the problem. Is it worth it to cut it up or will he spend more on the supplies to do so then it is worth.


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Jan 22, 2007
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You didn't say what size it is. Is it a single axle dump or a tractor / trailer dump. The size will definitely effect how it's scrapped. As it is, check the want ads in your local newspapers (the REAL ones not the damn computer version) and look for the ads wanting to buy junk cars and trucks "regardless of condition" and they come to you for pickup and haul it away. Easy / pesy. All your friend will need is the title. If he doesn't have the title, he should be able to fill out a bill of sale, noting the VIN number and the fact that the title is lost. The buyer can then apply for a salvage title for parting out or scrapping.

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