Some Nickels


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Feb 2, 2010
Detector(s) used
Bounty Hunter 505
Found 4 nickels
in an old barn, 1945P, 1948, 1949 and 1952

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Coasty Did you dig these ?

Coasty Did you dig these ?
They were found in a barn in an upper hayloft above what use to be where the draft horse stalls. There were hay shoots in the upper loft where the horses were fed from.

Yes, but not silver. Silver war nickels have the mint mark above Monticello.
Yes, I know I was pointing out the other was a D from Denver. The other has the P above Monticello.

I like the term “War nickel”, “War Penny”, etc. it makes sense to us, in the USA. They are our coinage. Parts of Europe would consider 1938 a war year… then there is the clean up years, right after the war. “Occupied Japan”, etc. I use the term frequently. I just wonder how it is understood on an international venue, like T Net. ? I’m not disagreeing. Just pondering.

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