Some tips to keep your pin-pointer safe. Attachment. Tip Protection. Waterproof talk


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Jul 22, 2013
Covina, CA
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Explorer XS Pro-pointer
Ace 350
White's 6000DI pro
Tesoro Cortes
Bounty Hunter Camo LS
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Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
Attach the pinpointer. Some hunters complain there is no place to clip the pinpointers (pro find pro pointer)
Here are some pictures for you to look at. The best way till now is use the flat ring between the cap and detector body. And attach it thru a spring lanyard or a retriever to your belt.

Protect the tip. Some use the "Diplastic" to protect the tip from scratching. It need time to wait it dry , so I prefer the second one: find some plastic cap. Look at the picture below.

Waterproof. I think this is most important for hunters.
There are three place is possible to be attacked by moisture and water. Battery cap, buttons, buzzer hole and LED light.
For the pro pointer. The button is the most dangerous place. The following is buzzer and LED. There is a piece of fiber film covered the buzzer but it only stop clay. A EVA ring protecting the LED hole but will be weak after water washing.
For the Profind the button is designed tighter than PP. There is no protection on the buzzer. LED place is looks little loose.
Some users will wrap them by soft plastic or silicon glue. It looks bad but works. Some use bicycle tube to wrap. Looks better.
I prefer to use a shrinkable tube to wrap and spray the board with PCB protection coating. Will post later.

If you have any questions about the detector please leave a message.
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I'm just gonna stick mine in a ziplock bag !

Like this one. The PCB coating need to open the case. It is hard for most people.

Or a short one to let the LED out

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