The Radio Secrets Of DNA


May 8, 2016
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A fascinating video on the secrets of DNA.

"Very few people know that in the universe there exists unlimited high density/frequency energy, and our human body has the ability to resonate with these energies, it is just not well understood by modern science. In this video we will introduce several very astonishing experiments to explain the problem, and we are going to talk about the virus from a totally different perspective and a little-known way to eliminate it.":

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Zincoln Miner

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Nov 14, 2003
New York State
Detector(s) used
Tesoro Silver uMax, Compadre, and BH Tracker IV.

Ex: White's Spectrum XLT, Tesoro Cutlass II Umax, and that circa late 70's red handled junk from RadioShack that started it.
"Backster's claims were refuted by Horowitz, Lewis, and Gasteiger (1975) and Kmetz (1977). Kmetz summarized the case against Backster in an article for the Skeptical Inquirer in 1978. Backster had not used proper controls in doing his study. When controls were used, no detection of plant reaction to thoughts or threats could be found. These researchers found that the cause of the polygraph contours could have been due to a number of factors, including static electricity, movement in the room, changes in humidity, etc.

Nevertheless, Backster has become the darling of several occult, parapsychological and pseudoscientific notions. His work has been cited in defense of dowsing, various forms of energy healing, remote viewing,* and the Silva mind control program (now known as the Silva method). In 1995, Backster was invited to address the Silva International Convention in Laredo, Texas. Nearly thirty years after his original "discovery," he is still telling the same story. It is a very revealing story and worth repeating. It shows his curious nature, as well as his apparent ignorance of the dangers of confirmation bias and self-deception. Backster clearly does not understand why scientists use controls in causal studies."


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