TNet Exclusive - Morgan and Peace Dollars w/ Wood Display Case


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Dec 13, 2008
St. Augustine, FL
32 Morgan and Peace Dollars encased in Air-Tite capsules displayed in a wood display case with magnetic closure. There are no mint-state coins. They are all circulated. Some are near AU while others only VG. I based the calculation of my asking price on the value listed for all coins as if they were only VG. In addition, there are a few better date/mint included. For those, I used the median price for the common date coins ($25/each) and added $10. The list price for those better date/mint coins all exceeded $40+ in VG condition with a few over $50. While trying to calculate a fair price, I wanted to ensure that there was still plenty of value that exceeded my asking price so that the buyer still gets a good deal. Additional value is the wood display case ($60 value) that I'm including in the set for free.

(26) common date/mint coins at $25/each - $650
(6) better date/mint coins at $35/each - $210
Total for the coins - $860

Shipping will be via USPS Large Flat Rate - $20. Insurance $20.

Grand Total - $900

Payment via PayPal. Friends/Family payment is $900. If you want to pay for Goods/Services, then $930.

The Full List:
* Better Date/Mint
*1878 S
1879 S
1880 O
1880 S
*1882 O
1883 O
1884 S
1885 O
1887 O
1888 O
1889 O
1890 O
1891 O
*1896 O
1897 S
*1898 S
1899 O
1921 D
1921 S
1922 D
1923 S
1923 D
1926 S
*1935 S


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Dec 13, 2008
St. Augustine, FL
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Will consider best offers. PM with your offer. I tried to be fair with my pricing while leaving plenty of value for the buyer.

For example, if you pay my asking price for the coins alone - I will pay the shipping and insurance.
Want to pay less for the coins? Well you have the list and can calculate a fair offer. 26 common date coins at $23/each is $600 (actual $598). 6 better date @$30/each is $180. Such an offer, won't include free shipping, but I will pay the insurance. For a total of $800 ($100 savings).

Don't want the display case and only the coins? Then the shipping will be cheaper (small flat rate box - $8).

Go ahead and send you best offer with your calculation via PM. I'll wait until the end of the weekend to accept the best offer. Otherwise, if no one from TNet wants the offer, then I will list it on other platforms.

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