Took delivery of my Legend Pro Pak


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Jan 18, 2017
in the Tucson AZ area now
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Simplex Plus 11 inch coil and 9.5 x 5 inch coil
2-Nokta/Macro Legend Pro Pack
anxiously awaiting the new Garrett Axiom

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just got it delivered and put it together first thing you notice once it is all together is the build quality of the Legend, to me it felt well balanced,set the spare battery in its cradle just to see what it felt like with the spare battery hanging under the arm cuff, it actually to me added a little more balance to the over all feel of the Legend, and did not seem to add much weight at all

have not went out and tried it out yet detecting, but I did turn it on and set the clock to 12 hour mode, did a frequency shift that took me a bit to remember what I read in the manual but figured it out did the frequency shift because it was a bit noise y when i turned it on, lowering the sensitivity down from factory default which is 25 did not help to lower the noise from EMI but when I did the frequency shift it quieted down considerably, not going to go detecting until I do the update, but I will say I hit a quarter in my front yard that I have been over numerous times at around 6 inches, i still cannot figure out how I would have even missed that quarter but apparently I did, just did not go over it at the correct angle or something but the Legend did see it

will update more once I get a little more acquainted with all the settings and things, I did not want to detect until after I update, I will admit for me it is going to be a bit of a learning curve and I attribute that to the legend being new tech to me, and my age and mind not working like it did when I first started detecting overall I am impressed with what I am seeing so far, and I will be honest with everyone if it does not turn out to be for me I will say why it was not i tend not to blow smoke up peoples behind
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