Tejon at the surfline?
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    Jul 2007

    Tejon at the surfline?

    This is my first post and before continuing I must say that you can get quite the education here from some of the feed back. I like what I've read about the excal 1000 and the tiger shark and there are excellent posts describing the pros and cons of each however... I'm just wondering how the tejon (yes, the land unit) would compare against those two in wet sand / surfline conditions. Looking forward to acquiring more wisdom on this matter from the masters and gurus of this forum, you know who you are, please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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    Jul 2007
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    Re: Tejon at the surfline?

    I have no idea myself, but I have an interest in the Tejon and will be curious on the replies.

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    Re: Tejon at the surfline?

    I'd think about like the Tiger Shark or well, a Tejon - until you got SENS happy and cranked er up. Back when the Tejon first came out and was a hot topic, a lot of people talked about it at the beach. Most said it was 'jittery', to sum it up. Lots of falsing and a tendency to pop off every time a little salt water splashed over it

    Granted it was new then, and sort of uncharted territory, but lets look at it this way:

    The Tejon is a VERY sensitive VLF detector. Yes it has manual GB, so you have some extra control. But when the salt water is rolling in and the sand is sopping wet, well... jittery probably sums it up.
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