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    Jul 2011
    87 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Gilmore's September Totals

    Dimes: $4,125.10
    26 Rosies
    2 Mercs
    1 Barber

    Half Dollars: $2,676.50
    72- 40%'s
    9 - 90%'s

    Not a single box searched in September. All customer rolled/loose. Last 2 weeks of September, almost nothing searched due to work/family/life. Very light month for volume indeed. Excellent ratios on the halves though. 3 solid rolls always help.

    Not sure if I am a big fan of doing CWR only. I made it a goal to only do that this month. I am limited to CRH on lunch breaks and an hour after work, so it makes it tough to hit good volume as you encounter many strikeouts trying to gather the CWR stuff. HOWEVER, I was looking for dream rolls in the CWR quest, and I did in fact, hit. So who knows really.

    I saw some great totals. Great job everyone. Have an a$$-kickin October!


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    Apr 2011
    232 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Gilmore's September Totals

    great totals for the month!

    In my experience so far which is several hundred thousand in halves maybe 100k in dimes, theres no diff CWR vs. Box, especially if you back out the solid rolls, dream boxes and solid rolls are few and far between.

    Just keep at it, volume is the key!

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    Jul 2011

    Re: Gilmore's September Totals

    Way to go man, pretty nice totals considering your volume for the month.

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    Jun 2011
    Laurel, Mississippi
    Garrett ACE 250
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    Re: Gilmore's September Totals

    I know you say boxes suck there gilmore but start doing some serious volume of them...I'm sure you'll hit a vein sooner or later.
    2011 Conference USA CHAMPIONS!!

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    May 2006
    CO, AZ
    dfx, Ryedale!
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    Re: Gilmore's September Totals

    Quote Originally Posted by ImpurestStewart
    I know you say boxes suck there gilmore but start doing some serious volume of them...I'm sure you'll hit a vein sooner or later.
    I did boxes here (Same city as Gilmore) for 4 years, and only had ONE box that had 10 silvers or more in it. My second best box was THREE sivlers. In four years. I don' tknow why it is, but he is right. Boxes suck out here. My worst streak was 52 skunks in 55 boxes in 2010. Four total silvers in the other 3 boxes. really was a tough streak to work through. IN 2010 I averaged one silvedr per 9.3 boxes. AVERAGE. On a LOT of boxes. But also found a lot of loose halves that helped along the way.

    I know everyone says to "work, work, work" and the silver WILL come. But out here it may not. Loose rolls produce. But boxes seem to not produce. I think they are rejected during the rolling process at the local center here, and so they rarely get by it. Hey - my ryedale knows how to reject zinc from copper, and the local banks that have machines ALL reject the silver put in them (I find leftover silver coins infrequently, but ongoing) so I don't see why the rolling machines at brinks can't also now reject things that don't match, which incudes silver.

    Loose rolls are the way to go here. the ONLY way to go. (here. Not there, but here). IMHO.



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