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    Sep 2012
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    Found First Dime Silver!!

    Hey ya all,

    well after weeks of searching coins, I had searched 3 1/2 boxes of dimes and I struck silver!! Woo-hoo!! ::does a crazy dance::

    I had taken my mom to town to go shopping and get her blood work done. well after running her around I wanted to do some me-things. So I dumped 190 dollars at my dump credit union, used some cash and got a box of dimes. When we shot across town to where I heard was a branch of a bank have a checking account with. The teller was very sweet and counted my remaining dimes. Unfortunately I didn't have enough to get a whole box so I got 20 rolls and put the rest into my checking. I asked her if there was a limit to returning coins because I wanted to turn in some coins that belonged to my mom. She said there was no limit to those who had an account. Sweet!!! I finally found another dump bank. so I will return 200 at one credit union and the rest at this one. I remembered to grab her card off her desk in case someone gives me flack about returning coin, I can show them her card. She was a very nice woman.

    Well I hauled my coins home and unwrapped them. Out of the 20 rolls I found 1 silver dime. A 1961. Then I searched the box and found a 1964. Yeah!! Not the best but hey, I am glad I found anything. I was happy to find canadian in these rolls. It starts to frighten me when I find rolls without canadian. And the bank that I just went to, there are 4 other banks along that stretch. hey!! anyone want to go CRHing with me. I'll spot for lunch!! Bring your own buying money though. LOL.

    Anyways, Just letting you'all know. For those on the east coast. take care, stay safe and you'll be in my prayers.

    Hugs and smiles,

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    Mar 2012
    New York
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    Love the dimes. I agree that it's a bad sign to search dimes and not find any Canadian. It's rare for me to pull a silver dime and not find any Canadian.

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    Oct 2012
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    Cool! Ive search two boxes but found no silver. I did find a blank dime, which is pretty cool. Someday I'll strike silver with some dimes. Still undecided if Austin has silver left.

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    Apr 2010
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    Congrats! Dimes are good for silver!

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    Jun 2012
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    Dimes are the s***. Lol, sorry, but they are.
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    Jun 2012
    North Carolina
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    Took me $300 of dimes to et my first Rosie! A 1957!



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