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Thread: Not bad,

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    David Emslie

    Aug 2007
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    I just follow my nose!...where the silver and gold goes! Minelab 5000, Goldmaster, and a few others XRF spectrometer, Common sense.
    92 times

    Not bad,

    Got some of my own skunks back today, first 3 boxes yeilded only 7 keepers, just 40s Next box was awsome with over 50 keepers, and the last box just had 4, one was a 64

    So, I got 61 40%ers
    and one ken 64

    $2700 searched, most from one box, weird thing about the box is it was taped back up, and inside were 6 hand rolls mixed with the fed rolls, the hand rolls didnt have anything in them, but the rest did!

    Ht 2007 CRH Total: 10 30 07
    War Nickels 2
    Buffalo Nicks - 1
    V Nickel 1 (1899)
    proof Nickel - 1
    Sil Dimes - 9
    Sil Wash Qtrs - 0
    90% Kennedy - 76
    40% Kennedy - 756
    Franklins - 52
    Walkers - 12
    Barber 2 (1904, 1910s)
    Comm. Sil Halves 1 1992 columbus
    Prf Halves 36
    of witch are Silver Proofs 12

    Ikes - 42

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    Jul 2007
    8 times

    Re: Not bad,

    Congrats. Hopefully the college is going to help take some of them dumps too. My hunting week really starts tomarrow- I snuck that lil bag in today mainly to see if I was gonna get called when the bag got full. Hoping for some more DEEP boxes- I really need some 90%'s though, all them 40%'s is eatin my hunting money too fast LOL. HH Mark
    Life is a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once.



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