old gold assay
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    Sep 2008
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    old gold assay

    I have a old gold assay report from 1910 says the assay was gold 160.00 per ton and silver 16.00 per ton of ore . The ore came from a hill with a creek at the bottom and i think it is small flakes do you think this is worth working ??I am new at this could you give me any good pointers ?this is a old mine that was never worked report from one source back in 1910said it was not proftible what do you think would it be proftible today?

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    May 2008

    Re: old gold assay

    The only way to find out is to test the area. There are several ways to do this.
    first get in the creek and test samples from any bedrock cracks that run more or less
    across the creek; and BE SURE you get it all. You want to leave CLEAN bedrock on the
    bottom. Take samples from behind any large boulders again try to get to bed rock if
    you can. Take note if there are different colored layers of material as you dig your
    samples, and take a sample from each if they are present. Take good notes as you take
    your samples ( how much gold found in each sample, depth of sample, color of material,
    etc. etc.) After you sample the whole length of the creek , start at the lower end of the creek
    on one side and above any sign of high water or flood material and take samples every fifty
    feet as you move to the upper end of the creek( mark the location of each sample with a stick
    with a numbered tag fixed to it. Do the same thing on the other side of the creek. This will
    tell you if the gold is coming from a lode up on the side of the hill and what side. If you are
    getting ANY gold AT ALL in one of these samples, go back to where you started on that side
    and move up the hill about fifty feet and right above sample number two of your first row and
    continue to sample at this elevation above your first row until you get to the next to the last
    sample you took on your first row. What you are doing here is if you draw it out on paper is
    rows of samples on the side of the hill in the shape of a pyramid that will lead you to the point
    where the gold is coming out of the ground. Lots of work? YES! But then you KNOW where
    the gold is and/or coming from and that is what you are after to start with. Then and only then
    can you tell if the area is worth more time and labor and money.

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    Re: old gold assay

    In 1910 that assay was from the mine and not the loose ground. That is a FORTUNE at todays prices. Back then it was in the $16 range for gold and a buck or so for silver. DON'T DIVULGE to anyone the location and NEVER give up-Tons a au 2 u 2-John

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    May 2006
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    Re: old gold assay

    MMMMmmmm Very interesting. So what was the result?? 8)
    Kiwi JW



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