a fair review of an ebay metal detector part 2 the beach
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    Jun 2007
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    a fair review of an ebay metal detector part 2 the beach

    having taken my ebay special ie xj9 pro i wasnt excepting a lot it wasnt so much about finds but learning about the machine in question first i tried dry sand didnt find a anything so then i went to the dreaded black sand it went crazy but i find be changing the settings i could cancel it out still didnt find anything but i sure learnt a lot i buried a coin at approx 8inchs in dry sand got a signal strenght of five bars on it pretty good i thought then i went home thought about things and found a 2p piece in front garden. at approx 8inchs i think this machine is very underated i myself thought the same turns out it is hard to pin point things but iam sure the performance i get will be much improved with practice any other of one of these machines i would love to hear how you got on with it and in particular i would like to see an expert dectectist using one that i think would be interesting
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    Re: a fair review of an ebay metal detector part 2 the beach

    Finding anything other than more dirt at 8" is nothing to sneeze at. Good for you! Sounds like you got a reasonable deal there. Not everyone would buy a "Made In China" MD and fewer still would admit it. Have you tried detecting a high Karat gold ring? If you don't have one around, try a small piece of lead, like that from an old wheel weight. By the sounds of it, you managed to detect silver with that find you mentioned.

    I don't think my old Compass would pick up much at an 8" depth, but I haven't tried yet. I'm waiting on a cable for the coil. Maybe I'll put a bandaid on the cable for now and give it a shot this weekend.

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    May 2006
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    Re: a fair review of an ebay metal detector part 2 the beach

    Some of the Chinese built machines are starting to catch up with western detectors. After all they just copy everything, and donīt pay any royalties either. Iīve got a Hartman detector with LCD display, and itīll give the ACE a run for itīs money down to 6 inches, with good discrimination, and repeatable signals , even though itīs a China Cucumber.
    I also have an XP GoldMaxx Power, an ACE 250, a Viking 6DX2, and got rid of a 1266X (Got stolen from me actually). Itīs a machine I loan out to beginners, and use on sand, if it breaks, it hasnīt cost me a lot.
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