drained 1920s lake...wheats, 1920s bottle, etc..
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    Apr 2006
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    drained 1920's lake...wheats, 1920's bottle, etc..

    There is a lake I've been researching in my area that used to be a resort w/ hotel, docks, hang out areas. The problem is there is TOO much trash in the area and when I detect I get a hand-ful of signals. I dug beside the dock...found 3 pennies...1962, 1991, and 1926 red wheat penny! I have pictures and more info on where more stuff is...where should I be looking and where on the meter on my ACE250 should I be looking to find old coins!!!?!?!?!?! Please let me know...I'm going back tomorrow!

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    Apr 2006
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    Re: drained 1920's lake...wheats, 1920's bottle, etc..

    Ok...I've hunted just the dock of the lake for the last 2 days...for around 4 hours total. EVERYTHING is grown up right now so I can not get to anything until it dies! When should I expect this stuff to start falling and freeing up space for me to detect?! As far as my finds go I've found a 26, 44, 55d, and 56 wheat penny...SEVERAL newer pennies (64, 66,71, 96). I also found a 1920 Orange Crush bottle, as well as SEVERAL other old bottles, cans, pull-tabs, bike, shoes, metal bars? I haven't really covered any of this lake due to high weeds EVERYWHERE. But I did manage to find out where the old hotel, lake houses, dam, etc. used to stand. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!!?!? I want silver and other older coins where should I expect to find this stuff besides the dock?!

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    Random chance seems to have operated in our favor

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    Re: drained 1920's lake...wheats, 1920's bottle, etc..

    If you have access to old pictures, look for possible areas on land and also look for possible swimming areas. Remember a little bit of research goes a long way towards finding the treasure amongst the trash. HH!

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    Aug 2006
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    Re: drained 1920's lake...wheats, 1920's bottle, etc..

    If were close .. maybe I could come hunt .. and show you how to find the silver.
    Curious, what do you mean .. 1926 red wheat cent, are you saying it was red .. like a new

    If there is anyway you can get access to old pictures of the lake, maybe the library.
    There may have been some floating platforms out a little further where people would swim
    out to and dive off. We had platforms like that on lakes in michigan when I was a kid.
    If there was a beach area, where people would lay in the sand then go out in the water
    thise too would be a good area.

    old Tom

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    Annmarie, better half of RonandAnn ;)

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    Re: drained 1920's lake...wheats, 1920's bottle, etc..

    WOW....interesting site you found.....

    I don't know where I would start....so many good choices

    Maybe the hotel area and the lake houses. I hope you stop finding lots of trash and start pulling up amazing finds.

    Good luck and HH....Ann
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    Apr 2006
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    Re: drained 1920's lake...wheats, 1920's bottle, etc..

    Good Luck I don't have an ACE 250 but you might want to try differant sensitivety levels . You may want to pose that Question to the ACE 250 people..

    GOTTA LOVE THIS HOBBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Hunting from Des Plaines IL ( D P Bob )



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