Ultra rare 1895- O barber, plus war of 1812 artillery button. MUST SEE
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Thread: Ultra rare 1895- O barber, plus war of 1812 artillery button. MUST SEE

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    colonialdigger ny

    May 2009
    long island new york
    Fisher F75se, Minelab Excalibur, Minelab etrac, Tesoro sand shark
    69 times
    Metal Detecting

    Ultra rare 1895- O barber, plus war of 1812 artillery button. MUST SEE

    Hi my name is scott newman... you fellow t-netters know me as scottso. I am a 14 year old boy who is extremely passionate about history. I have been metal detecting since I was 6. My first metal detector was a cheap bounty hunter unfortunatly I lost intrest for a while until Bill fisher aka Bookfisher got me back into this hobby at 8. What got me hooked was when I found a 1939 washington quarter at my uncles 1820's farm house on the east end Long Island.

    Recently I gained permission to a local Orchard where I live. The orchard only dates back to the turn of the century(1890's-1900's), (Little did I know that their was a colonial foundation in the woods in front of the orchard). So i turn on ol'faithful ( minelab x terra 505) and got detecting.. a few signals here and their, only a couple of wheeties. So i decide to go away from the orchard house and twards the entrance of the orchard. As I'm working my way down I get a signal, not too weak but not to strong, and a high 36 VDI. I dig a 7 inch plug and out pops a 1700's coat button. Naturally I started to get excited, so I keep following a path until I get into a clearing. I detect around for about eh,,,, 15 minutes or so.. I get a bangin signal 39-42, which on the x-terra Is usually a coppa or a dime, I dig about 8 inches and as I'm searching with my pin pointer... I glance over, to my delight a 1781 kg III colonial copper. NOW I'm EXCITED.
    I scan around that area for about another hour without much luck. So as the sun sets i realize Im out of time, so I call my dad

    NEXT DAY... After school, I ride my bike with detector packed in my back-pack and shovel in hand to the orchard. Once I arrive I go directly to the clearing. I set up the detector, get it ground balanced, and start detecting, right of the bat, a 20mm button without a shank, I put it in my pocket and keep going. Little did I know it would turn out to be a war of 1812 artillary button. I dig a few other buttons. After about 10 minutes since the last signal I got a jumpy can/ coin range signal. I dig a small plug. Boom a 1895 dime.. At the time I had not checked if it had an O mint mark. Being the Dumb A** that I am i rub it. I put it in my pocket and keep going. As light starts to fade I make one last effort to find something. so I walk into the wood, to my surprise I find a colonial foundation, not 30 yards from a main road.. I have always wanted to detect a cellar hole. heavymetalnut has always made me jelouse with his almost 100 coppa a year tally, so I thought its my lucky day. BOOM first signal 1746 brown bess trigger gaurd, in amazing condition. As the sun sets I call my dad and he picks me up. I look back on those days as one of my best..

    But wait... the 1895 dime.
    After i get home I rinse it and check the mint mark... "O" Not realizing the significance of the find I put it down and go on youtube to watch bill ladd dig up some amazing relics.
    Just for fun I look up "1895-O dime " . I click the first link and start to read. " only 440,000 minted, more than half melted, rarest of the barber dime series"
    I rad up stairs and got my "Red Book" I find it and 375 dollars in g-4 condition. for all of you coin experts. g-4 S.U.C.K.S mine was in at least fine.. with a full liberty visible. Its worth over 800 dollars. But I will save it so that my kids can enjoy it as much as I have.. Metal detecting is the best hobby. for me its a passion. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	025.JPG 
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Name:	038.JPG 
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ID:	707179http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wqUVixV1z0
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Name:	031.JPG 
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ID:	707182  
    GoLD !

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    colonialdigger ny

    May 2009
    long island new york
    Fisher F75se, Minelab Excalibur, Minelab etrac, Tesoro sand shark
    69 times
    Metal Detecting
    GoLD !

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    Incredible find!!!!! That coin is great. Your other finds aren't too shabby either. That coin, Sir, belongs on the Banner in humble opinion. It is my honor to nominate you for a place there. Please try to take some more pictures under better lighting.

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    Also, I believe with you're devotion to history and a little perseverance, this coin will be just the first of many BANNER finds for you!

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    colonialdigger ny

    May 2009
    long island new york
    Fisher F75se, Minelab Excalibur, Minelab etrac, Tesoro sand shark
    69 times
    Metal Detecting
    thanks... I just took those pictures.. kinda rusher for dinner sorry GL HH
    GoLD !

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    Nov 2011
    Charles Town, WV
    Fisher F75 with 11" DD coil, Garrett Ace 250 with 9x12 coil, Garrett Pro-Pinpointer
    1330 times
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    Great finds my friend. Wish I had a detector at your age...it's sickening how addictive this hobby is. But I love it and will do it til the day I die!
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    "Life's a garden. DIG IT!!!" - - Joe Dirt

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    May 2012
    MXT, AT Pro
    302 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Sweet button and damn nice dime.... congrats!!

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    Dec 2005
    Eugene, Oregon
    Fisher CZ5, White's GM VSat
    131 times
    Awesome find, with a very nicely laid out story behind it.... are you sure you're only 14?
    Way to go young lad!

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    ◄ XP DEUS ►

    May 2009
    Eastern Nebraska
    211 times
    Yes WAY! Great job on the scores! Take care of that dime and don't discount the '13S wheat either; it fetches a few $$ too. Also, please try to wait until you get back to base-camp to wash off your coins...I hope you didn't devalue anything by wiping the dirt off. I know, you might not care, and plan to keep the coin to yourself forever, but try to think about who'll own your coins in 100 years from now. Great job today and look forward to more of your videos full of excitement! PS, I would also have said "No way" to finding that copper! Again, great hunt and good luck!

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    Sep 2012
    Garrett gtax 1000,Garrett ace 250, Technetics delta
    336 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Way to go!!!!!!! BANNER all the way, with your young age you will find many more substantial finds HH. Eric
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    Stumbles In Corn ..........(Thanks Treblehunter!)

    Apr 2012
    South of the Mason-Dixon Line
    Garrett AT-PRO, Garrett Groundhog, Pro-Pointer, Jack Hammer!
    16965 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottso View Post
    Being the Dumb A** that I am i rub it. I put it in my pocket and keep going.
    I know it's extremely frustrating to not be able to tell what we just found. Especially if we KNOW it's something different/good/awesome! Like your WONDERFUL dime! But, work on resisting the rubbing of coins in the field. If you need help in practicing this just listen closely to your video when you rub the coins. Then, listen to the sound sandpaper makes when you use it on something metal. I cringe every time I hear that! LOL (Don't listen too closely to your vid though, someone said a wordydird in there somewhere.

    Just take a bottle of water with you and if you HAVE to know, (just like I do), rinse it off a bit until you can tell what it is, then, put it away. )
    Also, there's a couple extra tips I can offer. One is to carry some ziplock bags with you and if you find something really neat, put it in one to keep it separated from all the clad and other stuff. If you have a pocket full of stuff, that good coin just might get further damaged or even lost again.

    The other tip? This is something that NO ONE teaches ya. Ever notice how you tend to drop things that you've found? Like on your video? That's not nerves, that's because these things we find were lost for a reason. They don't WANT to be found and if you pull them out of their hiding place, first chance they get, they will jump out of your hand! Literally!!! And, try to hide again. Just like your dime, it dove back into the hole where it was hiding. Watch how many times found things jump out of your hand, off a table, through a hole in your pocket, down a drain when rinsing. It's not by mistake!!! LOL

    Great job! Keep it up!

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    "A good day has no rain. A bad day; is when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been." -Paul Simon

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    Mar 2009
    York County, SC
    Currently: Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab CTX 3030, Minelab E-Trac, Garrett Pro Pointer AT Past: XP Deus, Xterra 70, Ace 250
    219 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Very nice finds! Not rubbing a coin takes a while to master because you just "have to see" what you just found.

    I used to carry a travel sanitizer bottle full of water but lost it. Now I have something even better! Get a small squirt bottle used for glasses cleaning spray and fill it with water. The spray actually helps lift the dirt when you squirt the coin.

    I echo Matt092079 in his comments, if only I had a detector when I was young! It is so addictive.

    HH and enjoy your wonderful site!

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    Garrett watersports!

    Apr 2011
    Ace250,AT Pro & Garrett Propointer!
    233 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    wow great looking Barber
    Member of the "Three Amigo Detecting"

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    Nov 2012
    Harford County,Maryland
    Whites III
    9 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    great find!

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    My Find of a Lifetime!

    Oct 2006
    Philadelphia Area
    White's V3i, MX Sport, Dual Field PI, Minelab Excalibur 1000, Teknetics T2 SE
    817 times
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    Honorable Mentions (2)
    Nice work Scott! Sorry I didn't answer your call earlier, but I was excited to hear about your find!


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