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    Nov 2009
    newcastle upon tyne-north east uk
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    Re: Roslyn pictures

    very very nice piks espec the 1s fom up on the scaffold only a very few and i mean very few have seen anything above eyes view which is supposebley not spelt right the most impressive views i think imho i love all them myself and gf allways wanted to go for the same reasons picks it has to be 1 of the best and most amazing spiritual places of intrest in scotland im english and have read my fair share aswell as net stuff for years and years K,T P,O,S SOLS MINES the list goes on but bk to the story in hand absolutely amazing pictures well done with the shots cant wait to actually go there 1 day

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    Re: Roslyn pictures

    Dear galaxion;
    Yes, the Roslyn Chapel is wonderful indeed and it is a MUST see for students and lovers of architecture. It's also a shame that JakeFae is no longer active on this forum. I am not certain what happened to him, but one day he just left all in a huff as it were. I do await his return.
    Your friend;

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    Jul 2007
    Eyes, ears and common sense

    Re: Roslyn pictures

    Seems to me that the possibility exists that the maize around the window could have been added at a later date.
    Roslyn's foundation was laid in 1446 and its founder died in 1484.

    for example if you visit the site at http://www.rosslynchapel.org.uk/timeline.php

    and click 1736 you will read the chapels window was glazed for the first time and the floor was relaid with flagstones as well as the roof being repaired.

    The corn carvings could be dated later than the 1440s that they seem to be being attributed.
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    Feb 2010

    Re: Roslyn pictures

    I was there and I've seen the carvings and to me they looked like one huge hodge-podge, without rhyme or reason.
    This is by deliberate design.

    You are not meant to understand and never will.

    Unless you graduated past 3rd degree mason - you cannot understand the carvings and symbolism of Rosslyn Chappel.

    I see MANY referring to Rosslyne as a church.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    One cannot IMHO discuss Rosslyn with any credibility of you havent read the book Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

    The whole building and all its carvings are well understood.

    Realise that EVERY carving had meaning / purpose - was performed in wood and presented to the builder- before being then carved in stone and installed in the building!

    Yes this is all about the reproduction of the Herodian Temple - the building plans being a replical of that destoryed building in Jeruslaem.

    This building preserves Templar Treasures from Jeruslaem - items from the first (solomons) temple.

    Unless you study all this you cannot understand Rosslyne.

    Rosslyn only stands today becaise it was NOT a church.

    There are some very uninformed comments within this threadbut thats understandable f there is noknowledge of the book suggested.

    Trust me you will enjoy the book - you will learn all about Rosslyn and it is a VERY fascinating story.

    Maybe now with internet we have become the short attention span theatre - no one has the patience to read a whole book any more.

    I should provide the cliff notes / readers digest version so you all can be educated in this matter on the internet?

    No - you should read the books and become educated in these matters so as to be able to discusss the historic matter at hand,

    Who would visit Rosslyn Chappel and take woictures without first reading and understanding the book Holy Blood & the Holy Grail?

    It just doesn't make sense.

    Implements necessary for the sacrifice in the 3rd temple when rebuilt, are present in Rosslyns hidden vault below the main floor.

    A Mason knows how to access this vault and what to expect to find there.

    It must be protected from being found by the papacy & Lamar and his ilk with zero understanding.

    This is the purpose of Knights Templar, Prieurre de Sion & now Freemasonry.

    Freemasonry preserves the history thru its ceremonys which must be learned rote, and is today the finding arm of the upper 9 of the pyramid of control - the Prieurre de Sion & one Peirre De Plantard its titular head.

    Read and understand the books.


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    Re: Roslyn pictures


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    Feb 2010

    Re: Roslyn pictures

    In the words of the great orator of our times Foghorn Leghorn;-

    I say, I say, what we clearly have here boy, - is a failure to communicate!


    Not really surprising tho!

    Firing bad teachers won't change the fact that inner city parents, poorly educated parents and illiterate immigrant parents by the millions cannot speak, write or read English. As a former teacher in Denver, Colorado, we suffer 85 different languages from students and parents that cannot speak English. Result in 2004: 67 percent dropout/flunkout rate. In Detroit, Michigan last year, 76 percent high school flunkout rate per Brian Williams at NBC. No matter how excellent our teachers, we cannot teach in classrooms when a majority of the kids cannot comprehend English or survive in our culture of academic excellence. Final result: American kids suffer at the hands of dumbed down classrooms and devolved academics. Key to saving American education-stop relentless immigration.

    Forty years later, and 100 million people added to the United States from disparate cultures around the world, educational systems around America grind on in total chaos. With a massive Middle Eastern immigrant load in Detroit, Michigan, as reported by NBC's Brian Williams, "76 percent of high school students in Detroit schools flunked out this Juneother cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston feature similar dropout rates from 50 to 60 percenteach year 1.2 million teens hit the streets illiterate." That leads up to the distressing fact that 1 in 7 Americans remains functionally illiterate:

    Illiteracy Statistics

    42 million American adults can't read at all; 50 million are unable to read at a higher level that is expected of a fourth grader.
    The number of adults that are classified as functionally illiterate increases by about 2.25 million each year.
    20 percent of high school seniors can be classified as being functionally illiterate at the time they graduate.

    70 percent of prisoners in state and federal systems can be classified as illiterate.
    85 percent of all juvenile offenders rate as functionally or marginally illiterate.
    43 percent of those whose literacy skills are lowest live in poverty.

    Yet, with those disturbing figures, our U.S. Congress imports an added 2.5 million legal and illegal immigrants into this country every year. That equals over 200,000 every 30 days. Their kids overwhelm our schools. They subvert education for our own children. The immigrants themselves face daunting challenges as to culture, language and jobs.

    In Denver, we suffer 85 languages and a 67 percent Denver Public Schools flunkout rate as reported by the Rocky Mountain News in a story "What Happened?" Ironically, the 'Rocky' bankrupted in 2008 because not enough people could read! The same holds true for dozens of cities across our country.
    Its OK, We (of the older generation) understand - the way things are going even the internet will go bust because the short attention span theater kids of this generation, won't be able to read it, let alone contribute anything intelligent to its content.



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