ace 350

  1. Ace 250/350 MODS: wireless audio mod + internal speaker + backlight

    Just got back from taking my new wireless audio mod for a test drive, and it worked perfectly! I used a Bluetooth transmitter, Mono 1/4 to 1/8 cable, and a BT headset. Transmitter: MPOW Streambot Slim Wireless Portable Bluetooth Stereo Music Transmitter Cable: Mono 1/8...
  2. ACE 350 vs ACE 250 frequency differences.

    I have heard several comment suggesting that an ACE 250 with a second coil is preferable to the Standard ACE 350. My question is: Does the difference in frequencies give the 350 any advantage over the 250 for relic hunting? Both of these options fall into my price range. Thanks, -Mark-
  3. New to Metal Detecting seeking advice

    I just bought a Garrett Ace 350 and just received it in the mail on Friday. I read the book, watched the DVD and went out to test it in my Dads Pasture. Now I know I am new to this and it will take practice. Working with keeping it an inch off the ground good sweeps and learning to use the pin...