advice for newbie

  1. Beginner

    My husband and I are VERY new to prospecting. The problem that we are running into is the gold is so fine, it doesn’t easily separate from the black sand. A good bit has been lost when panning because it so fine. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Hello from Maryland! Pre-newbie

    Hi everyone! I haven't started detecting yet and have not yet even purchased any gear. I need something to get me out of the house and need to get into a hobby as the past few years have been all work and family. Metal detecting seems like the perfect fit for me. I'm here to learn from the best...
  3. Novice Treasure Hunter

    Hi y'all I'm a novice to all this (I take part in foraging and one off road path led to another and here I am....) I was wondering if y'all had any tips for a beginner (literally on anything at all), especially any tips for hunting in the central Alabama region
  4. Newbie looking for Advice!

    Hello, let me introduce myself! My name ist Max, iam 18 years old and living in germany. I have been intrested in history for a long period of time now, with a focus on WW2. Just the thought of the time back then intrigues me. Ive been especially intrested in the military stuff and so on. Here...
  5. New to Metal Detecting!!!!

    hello im 100% new to this hobby im 20 years old and i always wanted to try and i think my fiance is going to get me a metal detector my Christmas, i seen her amazon cart with a bounty hunter IV !! super excited but completely lost at the same time i live down in Ruskin, Florida near Tampa Bay...
  6. Hello Everyone! Newbie looking for advice.

    I've always loved treasure hunting since I was a kid. I got a detector when I was young but with just your backyard as your hunting ground as a kid I lost interest. I do a lot of hunting at second hand stores and have made some amazing finds. Many wealthy people move here and bring their prized...