air force

  1. U.S. Air Force cufflink Collar Button need help identifying makers mark, age, value

    Hello All, Here is a second that I can't seem to identify. I need some help on the makers mark identification, age, composition, Value, info. It is a Vintage/Antique Air Force (I believe) Cufflink, Collar Button perhaps. From what I can see the makers mark appears to be a crest of sorts...
  2. Antique U.S. Air Force Button, need help identifying makers mark, age, value? Thanks

    Hello Fellow Treasure Finders, Seekers of the Grail, Legends of Past Present and Future Treasure Discover History Etc. ; I need a hand identifying this makers mark, age, value perhaps, and any other general information you have about the item. It is a Vintage/Antique U.S. Air Force (I...