U.S. Air Force cufflink Collar Button need help identifying makers mark, age, value


Aug 10, 2016
Leesburg V.A.
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Hello All,
Here is a second that I can't seem to identify. I need some help on the makers mark identification, age, composition, Value, info.
It is a Vintage/Antique Air Force (I believe) Cufflink, Collar Button perhaps.

From what I can see the makers mark appears to be a crest of sorts composed of a Shield, with a crown above it and a snazzy S or possibly an 8 in the middle.

The back of said cufflink/Button appears to be painted/covered in a high gloss white finish possibly enamel.

The front displays the Air Force insignia Eagle, shield stars etc, and is silver finish possible sterling or plate?

Any information is greatly appreciated, Thanks! Capture.JPGIMG_3413.JPGIMG_3414.JPGIMG_3415.JPGIMG_3416.JPGIMG_3417.JPG

They look like Air Force cuff links, Korean to Vietnam war era. I going to change that a little. I still think they are from that era but not cuff links. I think that "connection" may just be a way to keep the buttons together. ie spares for a dress uniform.

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First off, they aren't antique, I was around when the army air corps became the air force, and I might be old, but I aint no antique. Second, I think they are hooked together so they can be removed to launder the uniform.

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