Antique U.S. Air Force Button, need help identifying makers mark, age, value? Thanks


Aug 10, 2016
Leesburg V.A.
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had one but gave it to my favorite uncle, will get a new soon but instead of a detector I use my spider senses at the auctions I go to in order to find and buy lots of awesome stuff for cheap
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Hello Fellow Treasure Finders, Seekers of the Grail, Legends of Past Present and Future Treasure Discover History Etc. ; I need a hand identifying this makers mark, age, value perhaps, and any other general information you have about the item.

It is a Vintage/Antique U.S. Air Force (I believe) Button with a screw on back or clasp.

Please let me know if you have any info and thanks for allowing me to join!

From what I can see the back of the button seems to have a luster as if it were sterling silver and it looks like the makers mark could be one of these several Options:
  • S181 WC
  • 1818 VVC
  • S181 VVC
  • WC S181
    • 1815 triangle triangle C
    • 1815 tear drop tear drop C
    button 3.JPGButton.JPGbutton 1.JPGIMG_3403.JPGIMG_3412.JPGIMG_3411.JPGIMG_3409.JPGIMG_3408.JPGIMG_3407.JPGIMG_3406.JPGIMG_3405.JPGIMG_3404.JPG

They are for the side chinstrap attachments on the sides of a visor cap, post 1947 of course.

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