antique button

  1. Flat one piece button

    I have some decent pics of a button I found today. Hoping someone recognizes the backmark.
  2. When is this button from?

    I found this button at a colonial site, and it does not look like any of the other buttons I found there. It appears to be made of pewter, and has a big thick shank. I would like to know when it is from, and other info would help too.
  3. Old Medical Pin and Button

    Hello--This is my first time posting as I am new to this site. I've spent much time reading the different threads and looking at everyone's treasures and enjoy it very much. Still have to get used to working this site as I'm not that great with a computer yet but thought I'd post a couple of...
  4. Buttton Experts Needed! Can ANYONE idenify this?

    I found this button under a school that was built in the 1800's and can't find anything like it on the net. Does anyone have an idea of it's origin, age, and possible value? It does look hand made to me but..........? Thank you! Graysondigger (YouTube channel videos too if you'd like to...
  5. Need help identifiying old button/scarf tie?

  6. totally puzzing button! any ideas?

    totally puzzling button! any ideas? beleived to be french. but thats where I need help. I cant find anything on it or anything like it. please help! Thanks for looking