1. Dug 14 WW2 era US Army buttons in one spot

    I was too tired to post this last night so here it is now. I was out hunting a spot yesterday that despite having been written about as having a military path, I've had my doubts. Even with being doubtful and digging several lbs of junk, I keep returning because that's what we do, right? When...
  2. WWI US Army collar disc

    Beach hunt on a vacant home site.
  3. I wanted to find a .50 BMG and I did.

    Out here there used to be a military airfield long ago, WW2 or so I believe. I talked to some people and went to what used to be a machine gun practice range for aerial shooting I heard, there was a dirt mound down range where a lot of bullets got caught but I heard you can find them far away up...
  4. Todays finds from Bavaria

    Today's finds from Bavaria
  5. Vintage US Army Medical Box

    Wondering if anyone has any more information about this box. I believe it is from the 1950's. I really don't know much about it. Really looking for what they are called and how they were used. It is a great kit but would like to know more. Sorry if they are sideways, they uploaded that way 3...
  6. WWII American military button - American Button Co. Newark

    Freshly off the field - yesterday's find. Very clean! :thumbsup:
  7. French Army button no. 93 -- excellent condition!

    One of my very best finds - a French Army button no. 93. Beautiful condition and patina!
  8. 1951 Silver Plated Short Shank Military Buttons Shields Inc

    Good day everyone; I am new to this website and I guess you would consider me a treasure hunter for it is how I make my living. Last week I was doing a garage/barn clean out with the owner when he pulled out a box opened it and said here these are just a bunch of old buttons. My chin about...