1. George Rodrigue Art Exhibit Poster

    Does anybody have info on this? I have searched the net and can find nothing. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone please help to identify the artist for these four pieces?

    I know that all four are the same artist, they may have come out of Utah & I can’t find anybody that has been able to interpret the signature or recognize the artwork. I don’t even know if these are actually the names of the pieces but it looks like they are: No 1 Doesn’t have a name of the...
  3. REMBRANDT style ART drawling! Help ID and info! OLD

    Hello all, I moved my post here from the ART section (1 its a thrift find , to the ART section is barley active :icon_scratch:) I got very lucky today and happen to come across this, I'm pretty familiar with Art and Artist , but not as knowledgeable as others , hopefully some of you can help...
  4. Heres my card with some stuff I do!

    Have a look at my website here if you like. Also on Facebook at if you want to look there or like/share the page. Thanks for looking and hope this year is your best ever. :icon_thumleft:
  5. Unknown artist

    I have been trying to find the artist of this painting and have had no luck, can anyone help me? Thanks!
  6. native american (SW) pottery

    Hello All, we are new to this site and hoping to find some info on some pottery we got at an auction today. some have signatures but other just have initials or symbol. if we can get pointed in the right direction on finding info would be appreciated. most look like newer artist but the...