1. ✅ SOLVED Solved-What in the world?!

    I found this while I was creating a new garden. It was between an old felled pine tree and an old work shed. It looks like an enormous handle, but I don't really have a clue. I've included photos of it from several different angles and a few closeups. It's exactly 24 inches long and an inch and...
  2. Anyone living in other state hunted CW relics in Atlanta in the past?

    I have had one person who now lives in Ohio, point out some CW sites in Atlanta that he hunted in late 70's. Anyone else living in other states that can share some of their experiences hunting CW relics in Atlanta? Thanks
  3. How often do your return to a civil war permission over the years on repeated hunts?

    I hunt in north Atlanta (north of I-20) for civil war relics. I have about a half-dozen good permissions, with some of them yielding a few minor civil war relics (carved button and flat button). on the two sites that I have found these two relics they are about 7 acres each and I have hunted...
  4. Hunting arrowheads in Atlanta area

    I metal detect in the Atlanta area for Civil War relics. I am also thinking of spending some time also hunting for arrowheads. Anyone know of some good places to look for arrowheads in the metro Atlanta area?
  5. public land to hunt between Atlanta & Chattanooga for CW relics

    anyone know of some public land between Atlanta & Chattanooga that you can hunt Civil War relics? I have yet to figure out how to get good permissions in that area and wonder if there are some public lands up along the I-75 corridor between Atlanta and Chattanooga where Civil War relics may be...
  6. hunted reported Union civil war camp site in Atlanta

    my son and I hunted an area where a local guy said his neighbor used to hunt in the 70's and found lots of CW relics. A 1864 map of the Union and Confederate position show a Union division headquarters a mile south of our hunt area. So we figured a good site. My son found what looked like old...
  7. question about Civil War unit sizes and area size they occupy

    I am doing research on current locations of civil war union and confederate army positions in the battle of Atlanta. My question when a division was located at encampments, battles or creek or river crossings about home much area on the ground would they occupy. Same question for an Army Corp or...
  8. anyone have info on hunting Civil War Relics in Dekalb County, Georgia?

    Looking for anyone who has hunted Civil War locations in the 70’s, 80’ & 90’s in Dekalb county, Georgia that might wish to share locations and help me out. I am looking for Civil War camp sites, river or stream crossing or skirmishes that happened in Dekalb county in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Or...
  9. anyone with experience hunting civil war relics in Atlanta who has move away?

    I need some advice on different places to hunt civil war relics in Atlanta. I found one post of a guy who moved to virginia and had 20 years experience hunting civil war relics in Atlanta. he recently posted some images of a VMI box plate. I misplaced his user ID. So I am thinking there are more...
  10. Hello from Acworth GA

    Hello TNet fiends! New guy here... been digging for about two years now... thought I would join tnet to learn more and possibly find a hunting partner... personally, I’ll hint for almost anything that is out there... I’m constantly reading and studying where to dig or dive next... I have had a...
  11. Amazing Haul of Vintage Playboy Mags and Merch

    This extensive haul of Vintage Playboy merch was found at one of our estate sales. Talk about HIDDEN TREASURES! Rest in peace to Hugh Hefner. If you want to check out some of our other pictures and finds, you can check us out at (Removed by mod as spam)
  12. Federal Atlanta Money

    These are metal ( but don't stick to a magnet) approx. 1 in x 1 1/4 in and say federal atlanta money does anyone know what they are?
  13. Solid Cast confederate I button! Great day.

    Worked a permission that my dad has worked for several years. His words "probably not much left to be found there but we'll give it a try" LOL. It just goes to show that you can never be positive that every relic has been found.
  14. Metal Detecting Partner North of Atlanta?

    Hi, I am new to metal detecting. I am interested in a partner to team up with. :thumbsup: If you are interested in metal detecting north of Atlanta, let me know. I live in Marietta, GA. Thanks, Tom