1. Need some advice about what metal detector I should get?

    This seemed like one of the best places to ask this question. I will be attending a DIV (Digging in Virginia Hunt) around November sometime so I have time to get another detector and start familiarizing myself with it. I have been told by a friend of mine who uses a GPX 4500 and through over...
  2. Garrett atx or recon pro 1000

    Greetings to everyone in the forum, I have a question about the garrett atx detector and a model that is very similar in appearance is the garrett recon pro 1000, I would like to know if someone from the forum has used it (recon pro) because I can get one for 300 usd, however garrett atx costs...
  3. Garrett ATX Shaft Question

    Because of the telescopic design of the ATX does it have a very rigid feel when extended or is it floppy. Thanks
  4. Post your updated thoughts on the ATX

    Well, I have been swinging my ATX for six months – 100+ hours in the salt waters of New England – and the following is my opinion of Garrett's newest AT Detector. I chimed in on the forum just after receiving my ATX for Christmas. There were many discussions and first impressions posted...
  5. My BIGGEST find ever ...

    ...for loosening an ATX's camlocks. Now that I have several hunts with the ATX in silty salt water I will share what I have learned. Before the Garrett training videos were published I use two rubber strap Grip Wrenches to loosen the camlocks on my ATX. Watching the training videos was a...
  6. ATX Cam Lock Fix Options ==Wrench - in stock - watch video first!

    Below is the link to the ATX's video library: Garrett ATX Video Library Garrett has not yet put Part II on their site. However it is viewable via You Tube at: The Cam Lock Wrench and how to use it is near the end of the video is advisable to view Parts I and II in their entirety...
  7. I have Infinium, do I need ATX?

    I have the LS Infinium P.I. and am aware of the information online about the ATX Pulse Induction detector. Why should I consider an additional purchase of the ATX? My primary interests are Civil War and old homestead relics detecting. What can the ATX achieve that my Infinium can not?
  8. 5 Rings: Was it Skill, Luck or ATX? You Decide

    Two weeks after the New England's deep freeze put me into hibernation it went north for 3 days. In its place came a blue sky, temperature hitting 49, melting snow, and 15mph winds…it was time to go detecting. I was off to a less popular beach with a detecting partner. We had been to the small...
  9. New AT PRO Spring Special 2 coil combo in stock!

    We have the new 2014 Spring Special in stock! Get the 5X8 and 8.5X11 DD coils plus other quality accessories. Call or email for your best package deal. Metal Detecting Stuff: Garrett AT Pro Sports Pack 2014 Wayne
  10. Treasure Mt Detectors Rocks! Ed beats any price , free shipping, super good guy!

    I have been metal detecting since 2000 or so, in last year started doing it steady , So i was sent to Ed Huffman of Treasure Mt Detectors by Bill Ladd of Dig Fellas show.. I have bought a AT-Pro, T-2 SE and now a ATX.. also pin pointers, shovels and other accessories.. Now Im not bragging...
  11. Garrett ATX in Stock!

    I have a couple of Garrett ATX in stock. Put your tax refund to work - Call or PM for a great package deal! Wayne
  12. New Holiday Packages!

    We have just released our new Holiday Packages with more to come: Metal Detecting Stuff: Detector Packages Call us if you would like a different bundle, be sure and mention TNet for your best deal! Wayne