1. Best Beaches in N.C. and S.C. to Metal Detect?

    Hi, I just bought the Garrett AT Max. Will you guys let me know from your experience, or even from just reading or hearing others speak of which are the best beaches from “More likely” to “Less likely” to find treasures? Thanks
  2. Need some advice about what metal detector I should get?

    This seemed like one of the best places to ask this question. I will be attending a DIV (Digging in Virginia Hunt) around November sometime so I have time to get another detector and start familiarizing myself with it. I have been told by a friend of mine who uses a GPX 4500 and through over...

    5 Rings, 16 diamonds, metal detecting Laguna Beach CA

    5 Rings, 16 diamonds, metal detecting Laguna Beach CA
  5. Slag glass or Green obsidian

    Hi everyone, New here, I stumbled across the forum whilst looking to identify some rocks I obtained whilst beach combing. As the subject line suggests, I have narrowed it down to slag glass or green obsidian, although I am no expert so I welcome any suggestions. Hardness test - super hard...
  6. Beach recomendations for North West Florida! (gulf coast)

    My father gave me his metal detector, and I am super excited to start using it! (anywhere except my backyard, which I have combed through all today) I can't hunt the waters with it, not water proof, but I'd love to hit up some river sides, beaches, etc. but I have no idea where to look and be...
  7. Okinawa MD Question

    I'm new to MD'ing on Okinawa and was interested to know if anyone has tried it on any of the resort hotel beaches. I assume that you have to be staying at the hotel to actually use their beach but you never know considering how polite the Japanese are. To those who MD in okinawa, have you ever...