1. First lines of Page 1

    "Fate we await our debt if decided death can decide when..."
  2. Beale Papers 1 and 3

  3. Looking to Interview Treasure Hunters - The Beale Ciphers

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently working on a long-term project for my 11th-grade research paper. I'm studying the Beale ciphers and trying to get points of view from BOTH skeptics and believers. I am also looking to interview cryptographers (no matter the experience level). Please send me a...
  4. Solving the Beale Papers

    I have solved the Beale Papers and invite you to read my new book, which is formatted as a proof - the link to which is attached below. I will answer any and all questions relating to it. ( removed by mod, rule violation)
  5. Casting Beale Treasure Hunters

    Are you interested in the mystery of the Beale Treasure? Have you researched the subject, put clues together and dreamed of fining the gold? Have you tried decoding the Beale ciphers or piecing together clues? Award Winning Production Company now casting Beale Treasure hunters interesting in...
  6. Ed "Rezonate" Beale (no, I dont know where to find that treasure)

    Ed "Rezonate" Beale (no, I don't know where to find that treasure) Hello everyone, It's fun to be with a group of like-minded treasure fanatics. My favorite treasure pursuits are hidden in plain sight, like Disney's "hidden Mickeys" gag or stories like National Treasure and Da Vinci Code...