Ed "Rezonate" Beale (no, I dont know where to find that treasure)


Feb 16, 2015
New England
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Ed "Rezonate" Beale (no, I don't know where to find that treasure)

Hello everyone,

It's fun to be with a group of like-minded treasure fanatics. My favorite treasure pursuits are hidden in plain sight, like Disney's "hidden Mickeys" gag or stories like National Treasure and Da Vinci Code. Magic and adventure are all around us, if we only look, but with just a little bit of creativity we can PUT hidden treasure out there for others to discover. I remember walking through the New Orleans Lakefront airport terminal, looking up, and realizing the decorative work around the ceiling was the image of a wrench. Some industrial designer in the 1930s art deco period decided common tools were beautiful enough for filigree. Details like this intrigue me.

Right now I live in southern New England, USA, but will soon move into a mobile home full time. I served over twenty years with the U. S. Coast Guard, flying helicopters, doing polar science, and running the USCG leadership development school. Lots of travel and adventure during that time. After retiring my wife and I decided to sail around the world. She has stage III brain cancer, so we figured "better get this one done soon" and have time to savor the memories. After that trip we are Shellbacks, Golden Dragons, completed Safari to Suez, and are members of the Order of the Ditch, Order of the Rock, and Order of Magellan. I have visited all 50 U. S. States, 49 countries, and all seven continents. You might say travel accolades are other "treasures" for me. Where will I go next?

Now, I can't wait to dig in and discover all this site has to offer. I'll see you around the forums! Let me know if I can help in any way,

ebeale@rezonate (dot) com
Rezonate | Life is not a dress rehearsal

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Welcome Aboard! Well, considering "New England" consists of six states - you might consider (in alphabetical order) browsing Sub-Forums: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont for information directly related whichever state you actually live in...

Welcome to the forum!

Wel-come to the fun ... :laughing7:

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