best find

  1. Teen Metal Detectorist Finds Civil War 20 LB Artillery Shell! From Dirt To Defusion!

    All I can say is WOW!!!! At 12:15 pm got a signal. Dug down 11 inches and found a fired minie ball. Still had a signal in the hole. Faint but worth digging. The Minelab GPX is a great machine and gets good depth. Little did I know I would spend 4 hrs digging a 3 ft hole for this beauty. A 20...
  2. Best find in 2014 - magnet fishing

    So I have been magnet fishing for 1,5 years now, and in the last part of 2014 I found some nice things! One of the best things was a silver spoon with one part silver and one part stainless steel which was why it was magnetic :) You can see the spoon here: Silver spoon In 2014 I also found some...
  3. One of my all time best thrift store finds

    This was the item that really got me into treasure hunting, and especially Goodwill and thrift shops. Back when I first started reselling, I would easily spend an hour or two looking around picking up $1 or $2 items trying to double or triple my money. Talk about SLOW profit earning...
  4. First Gold Ever

    I just found my first marked gold ring. Of course with my luck it was also the Smallest Ring Ever Made LOL!!! Found it off the beach in the freezing water. It's too bad its so tiny, but I am still happy to have found it.