1. Found GREEN today in an old book.... Old Silver Certificate Bills and ... Marijuana

    Interesting morning today.... I was thumbing through a bunch of recycled old books and found $5 in old money and a dried and pressed marijuana. Nice start to my morning. 1934 and 1935g and a $2 bill :hello2:
  2. Value?

    can someone tell me the value of these 1969-B 1 dollar bill 2004 20 dollar star note
  3. Oregon Miners clubs sponsoring rally THIS THUSDAY, 2/28/2013

    Oregon Miner's clubs sponsoring rally THIS THUSDAY, 2/28/2013 Please join the miner's clubs and other anti-govt regulation groups this Thursday at the Oregon state capitol building, north side steps, 1-4 (or 5) pm. The goal is to educate and show the Senate Environment and Natural Resource...
  4. 1969 A twenty dollar bill

    has few folds is it worth anything?