1969 A twenty dollar bill

Didn't lose much value over the years lol

It's certainly worth $20..:laughing7: :headbang:, but it maybe worth more, it's depends on the "Series" of the bill, e.g. "L", "E", "G", "I", etc., which basically tell you where it was printed

You can compare yours to what 1969 $20 bills are going for on Ebay.

1969 $20 bill in Small Size Notes | eBay

I got a 1934 series A $20 from an atm a few years ago. Still have it too.
Slight crease but otherwise perfect condition.

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Its worth $20..... To be worth anything if not very old they have to be in perfect condition... Anything confederate or large oversized bills is what you want.
Keep @ it and HH !!!

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you'd probably be best off to just spend it

It would be worth keeping it for the future. It will have to go up in value in the near future. When they changed the style to the newer counterfit types of bills, the government destroyed the style like you have as they wore out.

If you can afford to, keep it, they are worth $25 right now in bad shape and I think that in the future they may increase value.

I found a 1934d once.

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