1. Help identifying strange buttons¿

    Found water hunting....any help with identifying would be appreciated!!
  2. ✅ SOLVED What’s this metal button with hockey sticks and a crown from?

    What’s this vintage button from? Looks like hockey sticks and a crown to me and I can’t tell what it says! AR????. Can’t find anything about them.
  3. ✅ SOLVED What’s this design on this old button mean?

    Nothing on the back.

    MASSIVE SILVER brooch, Amazing Relics and MORE!!! So it's been a long, long while since I've posted anything!!! So in stead of making a post about each treasure find I'm mashing them all together. Sorry pics aren't going to be as nice this time. At the 1800's place I found a glass button and...
  5. Found a Boxful of Buttons

    Hi Friends, I recently found a small boxful of buttons and I am wondering if anything here stands out. They all look pretty good to my eye, but I'm no expert and I know that there are a lot of repros in this space. Besides 1 and 2, all the backs are the same and are plain base metal with no...
  6. 6 Star Button - Need Help Identifying?

    I hope everyone is having a pleasant Saturday. A friend of mine found this button detecting and we haven't had much luck identifying it. I seen an older post from 2013 of someone finding one similar, but no answers on that thread. Can anyone identify this one? You'd be doing us a service...
  7. Need help identifying these please

    Any insight would be appreciated. TIA!
  8. Buttons circa 1800s

    Hello, I have my Grams old button collection. A few military buttons that I have looked up are from the 1800s, there is a page of black jet buttons, I'm sure some baklite ones are in there and some glass, some hard rubber etc.... I am wondering how I might go about getting this collection...
  9. Mid 1600s Saddle Pommel from a 1990s permission

    Got out Yesterday to a permission of a house that was built in the 90s but built on an old farm field. Turned up my first Large Cent of the year and first ever with the ORX a few buttons and my oldest find to date a mid 1600s - mid 1700s Saddle Pommel. I didn't find many examples on Google so I...
  10. Stone Button Identify??

  11. ✅ SOLVED Eagle Infantry Button. need help identifying

    I found this in an 1806 town in Ohio. I've looked, but I can't seem to find any eagle buttons such as this one with the eagle facing right, with infantry in the middle, also with a backmark that reads "Ives Scott" on the top and "Waterbury" on the bottom. Any information would be highly appreciated!
  12. South Jersey Finds

    Hi, Went out detecting the last couple of days and found a few coins and these items as well. Does anybody have any idea of what I might have? *. I understand the pocket watch, but I wanted to identify it further - with your help. * Not sure of the small container? * Could this button be...
  13. Buttons ID Help

    Found these buttons in old seweing machine drawer. Any ideas as to age and kind? Are any of them military related? Thanks for any help.
  14. Copper button

    Hello. I believe I found an American civil button. “SUPERFINE LONDON COLOUR” Anyone have any info about this? Thank you
  15. Old button found in Darien Georgia

    My student found this button on playground. I have researched but cannot find anything like it. Please help! It is flat and not sure of metal.
  16. Found a couple old buttons.... also the family that hunts together, stays together

    Finally got the family out metal detecting with me. Our schedules are always so busy it is rare that we get the time set aside to do this. That was nice. This was my first permission hunt. My in-laws have several acres that used to be part of a sugar cane plantation. I didn't find anything...
  17. Horstmann & Allien South Carolina Buttons C.W. Period?

    Hello, I collect all types of buttons, and I purchased a box lot of sewing buttons online. In a small box were 11 South Carolina buttons in pretty nice condition. They seemed a different and better quality and condition than most of the military and pseudo-military type buttons I find and they...
  18. Warranted Rich Gold Plate buttons

    Morning all. I just got a new permission and found 3 Warranted Rich Gold Plate buttons. Each button was found about 8-10 inches apart in a straight line and about 8 inches deep. This property has been in the family since early 1700's and has not been picked through. I'm looking forward to going...
  19. Civil war relics everywhere.

    I think we've found a camp. I've dug more civil war relics this month than all of last year.
  20. Great start to the new year with a Bucket lister Bust Silver, Colonial, Buttons

    This year I actually wrote down a bucket list of finds going forward and on there was Capped Bust Silver. Well it didn't take long to line that one out. On a new colonial site with VMI and Matt this last week/weekend and we dug an absolute haul of buttons and other relics. It was slow going at...