1. Southwest Missouri Civil War Camp finds

    I recently found a new Camp in Southwest Missouri. So far we have found 11 .69 caliber Minies and 8 flat/coin Buttons. the picture is only what I have found The weeds are as tall as I am so we are waiting for the Property owner to burn them.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Hi All I'm new here first post ever! Today I found this Button Military..

    I did some research already and have tried comparing it to other buttons online. Apparently the "Great Seal" button is pretty common.. I found this one in Arizona and the Stamp on the back is hard to read.. I may try to clean it up a little... But I forsure know its from City Button Works...
  3. Gold Gilt buttons - for the 1840's Fur Trade ... but to where?

    I'm searching for information that would link my recent discovery of gold gilt buttons with the name Rich Orange Warranted on the back side ... to the 1840's fur trade and the North American Indian tribes. Evidence found thus far suggests these buttons may have been going to Bent's Fort along...
  4. Found Buttons today. Fire Dept, Eagles, Bone or Ivory, POD, Goodyear, Railroad Train

    Today I came home with a bucket of old buttons so I started sifting through them. I'm posting some that I found. Feel free to post your comments. 1. FD Buttons (Fire Dept) (3) 2. Two different Superior Quality Eagles, 3. POD (Post Office) 4. Remington Express 5. Railroad Train (3) 6...
  5. Box of buttons!

    Hi I have a box of buttons I'm trying to figure out if they are worth anything and any information everyone could offer! Thanks!
  6. Buttons R&W Robinson

    Hi, I received a box full of old buttons to make jewelry with, before making any modifications to them I'm wondering if they're worth anything! Would also love some history on them if anyone can help out. Thank you!
  7. Buttons Buttons Buttons what button is it.

    I really a lot of people asking about buttons. So with that being said I have a very good friend and brother who is a button expert second to none. I bet that he can figure out any button especially military buttons. Military buttons are his specialty and he owns his own website...
  8. Some Goodies and Another Mystery Item. 1683 Mass Property

    Hi friends, hope you all are well. John found some goodies the other day, including the tiniest buckle in the world, ha ha. Also a 1902 "V" nickel, a larger brass buckle, a couple of buttons, and a gorgeous pineapple decorative piece with what looks like clip on the back, as if it was worn by...
  9. Nickels from Heaven...lol. 1683 Property, Mass

    Hi friends, John finally had a chance to detect for a little bit yesterday. He found another first for him--an 1871 shield nickel. Also a pretty decent 1921 Buffalo nickel. Another big mystery coin (looks bigger than a large cent) that I will have to work on when I see John next. A tiny gilded...
  10. Need help on back half of 2 piece button

    Would like to know if anybody has an idea as to age of this button. If it can be done by the back marks.. Here is a photo of it It has GILT stars on it I think first two letters are TE
  11. We're seeing double...again!! 1683 Mass Property

    Hi gang, Talk about bizarre--the other day we found two, draped bust large cents, and today we find two Morgan Silver Dollars! I should add that John's eight-year-old son, Johnny, found the older coin on his Ace 350! Way to go, Johnny! Also found assorted buttons. The Morgans are 1883 and...
  12. Revolutionary or 1812? Or Civil War Buttons - 1683 Mass Property

    Hi guys, John dug these today, and I can't find a match for them during an online search. Could anyone help us ID these? They appear to be brass or copper? And as you can see, one has a 17 on it and one has a 24 on it. Both found in the same area as our other Revolutionary war finds. Also...
  13. Flat Buttons Galore! 1683 Property - Massachusetts

    Hi all, just posting yesterday's small haul. Looks like one dandy (macaroni?) and the rest...old. :icon_scratch: Thanks for looking! ~Lisa & John
  14. A Couple of Goodies -- Massachusetts -- 1781 Spanish Real

    Hi all, John dug for an hour or so and managed to text me these photos before he broke his iPhone. Enjoy! ~Lisa & John
  15. More Dug Tonight-- Colonial Era? Massachusetts property

    Hi everyone! John just texted me some new photos from this evening's metal detecting. He wanted to test out his new pointer, and boy did it deliver. We are very interested in figuring out what these things are! Especially cool is the Shield button/broach. We keep finding large, crude pewter or...
  16. Civil War Uniform Buttons Virginia / Confederate Buttons - Gotta Sell

    I hate to do it but I'm selling a lot of Civil War / Virginia Military Uniform Buttons: eBay item number: 182192600510 I'm starting to clean up my collections.

    I cannot identify the era to which this button belongs to. Does anyone here have any ideas? :icon_scratch: Thank You. Note:It was found in the UK on a field that an old roman road went through.
  18. ✅ SOLVED need help to identify

    Found these today can find them anywhere
  19. Another button, I believe WW1 but help id

    When I dug it, I thought I found silver, wasn't tarnished at all but after cleaning, clearly its a button. My research has led me to believe naval artillery? And here is the last button,
  20. New Member

    Hi, I'm a new member to TreasureNet. I found the site while looking for information on a "DOZFIT" button I found in a jar full of old buttons. Over the years I have collected many interesting pieces of history while on family genealogy searches, but none I can say I actually dug up myself. Im...