We used to to study in History, 1811 Antique But whats so special in it?This precious thing belongs to a Grand Woman but nothing can be explained. Please advise whats good about it. rgds
  2. Cast iron stove question

    I have recently found an old home site in North Idaho. This area was a booming lumber town in the early to mid 1800s. It appears to have been an upscale house. It was made of red brick which in this area at that time meant prestige. I have found parts of a large cast iron stove, very nice...
  3. Iron Ball, Hollow w/ Something Inside

    I was digging in my flowerbed and came upon an iron ball with something inside. I see no seam and there are a few small specs of green that look like the original coating. It is just a little bigger than a golfball. There is what looks to be a faint design and number or word, but I can't make it...
  4. Still Cast Iron Bank

    This was from my father's childhood items. He was born in 1923. It looks like it is original but I need help identifying it. I've seen many "original" General Pershing banks but they don't look like this one. Inside you can see how filthy it is. I haven't even wiped it off anywhere so its...
  5. de Plane! de Plane!.. My most rewarding find so far

    I went to a favorite former dump site in a wooded area where I can generally pull out at least one interesting item per hunt.. About 30 minutes in to getting eaten alive by mosquitoes I found a little spot with several targets .. After pulling out a lawn-mower blade, mason jar lids and about 15...
  6. What eagle is this?

    Hope you can help finding out exactly what this is, ive been through hundreds of google pages trying. I found it a few days ago near a new tree so they probably lifted it up some when they dug the hole for the tree. Thanks for looking and hope you can help