civil war button

  1. ✅ SOLVED Civil war. Button identification?

    Found in Missouri. Im assuming it's a civil war era button but I'm unable to identify the state. I thought it was a Maryland or new jersey button but the design is all wrong. Any help appreciated.
  2. The most brilliant GS coat button I've ever found. Love this Colorado soil!

    We are pretty sure we have found a US Cavalry camp here in Colorado and have been working it hard for a few years. The loamy soil here is so kind to all the relics we have been finding. This is my first coat button out there and has been the most amazing button relic since I've been detecting...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Possible Droop Wing Eagle Confederate Item. Civil War?

    I have hit what appears to be a Confederate Cavalry camp in North Alabama. Several plain flat buttons and odd iron objects with Sharps and Maynard bullets occurring with Roundballs. This is the first item that could be identified as North or South. It is a 35mm, heavily corroded item that...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Button - Eagle with 13 stars and no shield. Civil War?

    All, found this button on a site that has produced Civil War and later artifacts. It is a brass button with an Eagle facing right with a diameter of 19.2mm. The Eagle is clutching a shield and an arrow against a lined field. The button has two holes in the front however, and I have never seen...
  5. Civil War Button, Musketballs, Jaw Harp, Lots of Bizarre "Stuff" - 1683 Mass Property

    Civil War Button, Musketballs, Jaw Harp, Lots of Bizarre "Stuff" - 1683 Mass Property Hi friends, John got himself a new pair of headphones, and it's like he's never metal detected on the property before! Crazy the amount of stuff he's pulling up (half of which we have no clue--look like...
  6. another odd button find

    I found this, some broken kettle parts, and some broken horse shoes while looking for a confederate camp that's not well documented, way out in what is now a heavily wooded and tick infested area. To me it bears a strong resemblance to a pelican but is just different from the typical Louisiana...
  7. Confederate disc buttons

    I saw these selling on a popular auction site as confederate disc buttons. When I Google confederate disc buttons I get nothing. Does anyone know anything on this subject.
  8. Confederate Camel Corp.Button - Wadhams & Co. ~ 1840s

    I found what this button was in a forum and I am wondering if anyone knows the value.
  9. Republic of Texas navy button

    Hello, I would like some information about this button. Mfg. date? Real or fake? Value? Thanks, Paul
  10. Civil War C.S.A. Botten

    Found this today at a park. where there was civil war movement.
  11. Civil War Button and a Buckle found

    Civil War Large Button and a Buckle found Hello All, Here are the finds for todays hunt. I thought I had a Civil War Button....however I was incorrect....... I found a GREAT SEAL Button (CORECTION brought to my attention by FURTRADET:icon_thumleft:). The button war SUPER crusty and ALOT of...
  12. New York never looked so good--button that is

    Wow, I went back to my spot today that produced the 32 Spencers and gorgeous North Carolina and Connecticut buttons. Today I plucked out an unreal condition New York officers cuff button. I am just speechless at how gentle this soil is to buttons. I have pulled three state buttons now, two...
  13. North and South Buttons only 7 feet apart

    I'm very pleased with a current trend of mine. A few months ago I found a nice Virginia button only 5 feet away from an eagle general service button. I think I topped that today with gorgeous Connecticut and North Carolina buttons found only 7 feet apart. I found both of these only feet from the...