civil war relics

  1. The most brilliant GS coat button I've ever found. Love this Colorado soil!

    We are pretty sure we have found a US Cavalry camp here in Colorado and have been working it hard for a few years. The loamy soil here is so kind to all the relics we have been finding. This is my first coat button out there and has been the most amazing button relic since I've been detecting...
  2. Equinox 800 settings for CW battle field areas hunt

    will be taking my Equinox to areas of a major CW action that I have permission to hunt. I have 3 years experience on the AT Pro, and now have an Equinox 800. (Sold the AT Pro). I have about 30 hours of hunting experience in trashy parks on the 800 and I am comfortable with adjusting the...
  3. Relic Hunting with the Equinox

    I would love to see a video review of someone using the Equinox 800 in the red mineralized soil around Culpeper searching for Civil War Relics.
  4. ???? BEST Civil War Bullet Identification book ????

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best, or very well respected civil war bullet/round ball identification book (with pics and information)? I would like to order such a book for reference purposes. :thumbsup:
  5. Places to dig in SC?? HELP PLEASE?! :D

    Hello Everybody! It is offically 'Turkey Day' as some people like to call it. I wish the best to you and your family this holiday! On another note though, I'm an ammature digger; very interested in South Carolina history. Actually, I've never dug anywhere and I would really like to get started...