Equinox 800 settings for CW battle field areas hunt


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Jan 29, 2018
North Atlanta
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Currently have CTX3030 and Vanquish 440.
Primary Interest:
Relic Hunting
will be taking my Equinox to areas of a major CW action that I have permission to hunt. I have 3 years experience on the AT Pro, and now have an Equinox 800. (Sold the AT Pro).
I have about 30 hours of hunting experience in trashy parks on the 800 and I am comfortable with adjusting the settings out in the field as needed.

what do you recommend my settings be on the 800. I will be hunting in bush, creeks and some open area.
What are some TID readings for relics?
should I use 6" or 11" coil? I am planning to use 6" in the creeks and tight areas and the 11" in the more open areas.

the areas I will be hunting will be in the moderate to low range of trash targets.

any other advice will be appreciated.

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