Places to dig in SC?? HELP PLEASE?! :D


Nov 21, 2012
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Hello Everybody! It is offically 'Turkey Day' as some people like to call it. I wish the best to you and your family this holiday! On another note though, I'm an ammature digger; very interested in South Carolina history. Actually, I've never dug anywhere and I would really like to get started! I live around Columbia.. could there be Civil War Artifacts there or would I have to go to the Low Country to find something of that nature? Does anybody know of any good sites that has produced relics in the past? Any help will be greatly appreciated! :D Thank you in advance!

If you've "never dug anywhere", and are new to md'ing, then a good place to start, before you even angle for the more hardcore CW artifacts, is to get some practice first. Start with just casual coin-shooting, so you can get accustomed to your machine, the various signals, tones, retrieving, etc... Ie.: before waltzing out and going to hard-hammered spots, thinking your going to be bagging buckles and CW era coins, start with homes of yards (friends and relatives, for instance) that date to only the 1940s and '50s. Because gauranteed spots like that will be virgin, yet are old enough to offer up silver coins, wheaties, etc.... THEN progress to the more exotic older sites and hardcore stuff. JMHO.

S.C. is loaded with historical places. Old farms and plantations etc. There was lots of Rev and civil war activity in SC. I live about an hour from Columbia myself. When Sherman came through his troops camped near and then took Columbia. Do your research. If you know anyone with property approach them about permission to hunt. Go to some local parks etc. to get some practice. Also there is a detecting club in Columbia. I believe it's called Carolina Relics or something like that. They meet about once a month at one of the museums. Good luck.

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