clueless beginner :)

  1. Plant vs bone vs crystal, is it just a pretty shape, and the tool that haunts me.

    Hi guys, I have a few of my head scratchers rounded up for anyone who wants to take a stab at them, and possibly laugh at me. Here goes! Location for all is a canyon in Orange County (Southern California). Loads of jasper, hematite, mica schist and quartz varieties, depending on how far up the...
  2. Coins? Washers? How can I tell and how can I clean them?

    Found these buried deep in the ground! I wish I could see what the heck they are ... the silver one is very heavy and isn't magnetic, could it be something ? I included my steel penny because I Also found it in my yard and it was so shiny 😲
  3. New to detecting. HELP! :D

    Hi! I'm deep in the heart of Cajun country (S.W. Louisiana). Ordered, but haven't even received yet, a metal detector. SOoooo, I'm more clueless than usual. HA! ANY thoughts, tips, hints, would be DEEPLY appreciated!